Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Been A While

I know it's been a while. I had some changes in life again and only Jesus can help me through this life lesson. I'm so thankful to have him on my side. I am working hard in school and I can't wait until my career take off.

Nothing much is going on... I'm applying for different jobs and higher education careers. I'm faithful! The outcomes are going to be greater than anything I can image.

Ok... Facebook... it's a nice tool. I just reconnected with my God Son's Dad!!! It was a good friend to me! It's amazing that he's married and have a son that looks like him. I'm so excited and the cool thing is him and his family lives less than 4 hours away! I can't wait to see them! WOW God is Good!

Music... OK! I've been listening to this song on my WOW Gospel cd... It's called --- Even Me by Crystal Aikin. It's so beautiful... It's a plead to the Lord saying...

"I don't deserve... the love you shown... the blood you've shed.... covers my wrong... beyond my faults... Oh Lord you see and stead you still use use even me...Oh lord I tried to do my best... although sometimes I do much less. You've called my name and I ran away but, still you call me another day! Yes! even me Lord... Even me!!! Though scared and broken and unworthy... my guilty stains you've wash them clean instead you still used even me. Some times I've fall and make mistakes but brand new mercies you show every day... you are my strength when I get week and out of the darkness you lifted me!!!! Yes even me... even me though scared and broken and unworthy... my guilty stains"

I can't find the link of this song on Youtube but, I can find the other version... But, this is the jam.

I hope the lyrics ministered to you as it did me.

I am going to try and express myself more on here. I have some things to get off my mind.

Thanks for visiting.
God Bless!

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