Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day One - Gym Time - Operation -15lbs

Ok... After my doctors visit last night I learned that I've gained... I've gained 15 more lbs than I thought I gained. So, Now I have a plan. I need to get up and move something... my butt that is. For the next 10 days I'm going to work out. I'm going to talk about it and I'm going to make a difference in my life. Ofttimes,I'm excited about making a difference in someone elses life... it's time to reverse this weight in my life. Let's GO!!! I'll be back tomorrow to say how my first day went!!! YAY!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

It's been a Long Time... Now a New Year!!

Happy New Year!!! With this new year I'm going to make new attempts to blog. I think this will help me as I grow. So much has changed since I've last posted... maybe I will take the time to update. LOL Maybe NOT!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#12 - Nuff Said!!!

Retreat #12 was Wonderful! Honestly! I Love my Sistah's! Relationships are so important and I've had the pleasure building some long lasting relationships with such wonderful people.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So Thankful!!!

You know March came in with a BANG!!!

I have so many Wonderful people in my life but, most importantly, I'm so Grateful for all that Jesus Christ is doing in my life and for me!!! #TotallyHumbled!

First, Teefah and Ken Kenn came and spent a Saturday with me... we laughed, talked and ate Blue Cheese Burger!!! It was Good. I should have had a picture! But, I do have one of them! LOL

Lakers vs Pistons!!! I LOVE the Lakers and I can't believe they lost to the Pistons (YUCK)The game went into overtime, The crowd went wild...the Whole Game was EXCELLENT!!!! One thing that put me in awe was the Laker fans came out in record numbers... Kobe made a shot and the Palace errupted. Rodney Stuckey made a basket and the Palace errupted. At times... I didn't know where I was! "I had a Ball"!

Baltimore, MD Here I COME!!!

Camille, Aysha and the Ladies really know how to welcome a Sista!!! I had a GREAT time! I mean I had a WONDERFUL TIME!!! I can't complain... All, I can do is Smile when I think of these memories! I Love the Weather, Scrappin', Laughter, The Food (OMG) and Mostly the FAMILY!!!! Words can't express how my Heart is so Happy that I went to MD!
We went to see the Monuments. It was Awesome... the day was Beautiful! It was so special to see the Martin Luther King monument. It was solid and strong just like his presence here in this world!! The Vietnam wall was sad because of all the names... WOW!! And Lastly, I was totally touched by the visit to the Pentagon! That place broke me down and humbled my heart. Honestly, I could have been on that plane but, God had other plans for me. Should you ever go to that memorial park please dial the number and listed to the audio. Very Informative!

I Loved My Trip! Thank You Camille (and, Family), Aysha (Steve), Joy, E, Kat and Caryn! You ladies ROCK!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

OK... I have more to say!

It's been too long because I have more to say.

I had the pleasure to hook up with my Bestfriend for Los Angeles... Man, we had some wonderful times together. I wish I could see her more now but, the distance killed that!!!! The time we just hung out this summer was well worth it. I Love Her and can't wait to see her again... Tammy my friend!!!!

And, for my birthday I went to a Tea Party!!! It was Wonderful. Lateefah, ShaRon and Michelle joined me and I had a ball!!!! We laughed, ate great food and had a 1 photo shoot! LOL AMAZING!!!! 36 years old! Celebrate every Birthday Any Way You Want!!!! With Wonderful People!!!!

I will be scrapping... I promise!!!! LOL

A New Day!!!!

Hey Everybody! I know I am so late in updating... I don't know what's going on with me. I must say that I've had a wonderful year!!! OMG!!! God has been really Good to Me!!!! A few things I've done this year has been Skating... Concerts... Weddings... Retreat... and Some plain fun! Check out the pictures below!

Skating has became my second love... I need to take a few pics to show everyone. LOL I've been to a few parties and have travelled to Ohio. I should have been in Chicago for a party there but, I had a class that I needed to baby sit! LOL Next year for sure! I'm still learning! LOL My friends at the rinks are Awesome! OMG for my birthday in August they pinned money on my shirt and I left the rink with over $70. I really felt Blessed!!!! It was Amazing!!! I purchased a Pandora bead with the money. It has become a token of rememberance. #SoThankful!

Concerts. This year I have been to Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton, Marvin Sapp and Tye Tribbet and last but not least I've been to Toby Mac. Every concert was amazing... Oh yeah I've been to the Detroit Symphony (Can we say Amazing... I Love the Bass). I don't know which concert I Loved the best but, I must say that I Love the Praise and Worship that I've experineced at each concert... My Lord!!!! Anthony Hamilton and Toby Mac... know how to worship!!!!!! My friend Rochelle has been a supper tropper... I have enjoy her company to each of this concerts. Shoot we have also gone to dinner... that's for another post! LOL #JesusFreak!

Weddings. I was a Hostess for Crystal and Kris wedding. Can you say Amazing!!! I Loved the Presence of the Lord and the elegance of the venue. I was an guest at Lisa Renee and Patrick's wedding... Can you so LOVE!!! I just loved the Joy/Glow that both of them had. The Reception was the best I've ever been too. OMG. WE Danced, Laughed and appreciated the Beauty of the venue... Oh and by the way... our SOC look good with Dresses and Heels on!!! I Love them Ladies!!! I had such a wonderful time in Atlanta being with a wonderful group of people! Oh and let's not forget the Wobble!!! I'm telling you the SOC ladies held it down with the Wobble!!! #WobbledHeels!

Retreat... the retreat in May was Wonderful! I Love staying over on Mondays! It's so Great to just hang out and have photo shoots!!! LOL We have a geniune time together... I Love me some Aysha!!!! I'm going to miss her this October!!! Hugs and Tears!!! We had a seek preview of Lisa Renee's apartment (OMG it was a Beautiful Place). I'm excited to see how much fun we have on this upcoming trip. #ScrapChicksRule

This is a new season!!! I am doing some new things for myself to get some different results!!! I'm excited for what is to come!!

Wait Wait... I've done some Swaps this Season. It's been super fun! I've been a little slow but, the inspiration from the swaps have been AWESOME!!! OMG!!! SOC!!!! Ladies and RJ ya'll ROCK! #Swaps"R"us

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My New Love!

I'm so excited to announce that I have found a "New Love". I'm so excited for being Blessed. The feeling that I get when I'm around you is so Free and Thankful. The relationship is so open, confident and secure. I don't feel judged... fat or skinny... There is no pressure for me to be more than or less than anyone or myself. Because, I'm with you so much I can see me growing and glowing. Some days this relationship is hard work but, overall... I wouldn't change this feeling/experience for the world. I'm looking forward to many years of being together... I'm just Thankful!!!

Love You!

Friday, March 18, 2011

This is the Day!!!

I'm so excited today even though I'm so SLEEPY!!! OMG! You know I'm just Thankful for Life.

Friday, March 04, 2011


Many don't know that I just went on a road trip... I would like to mark this road trip off of my bucket list but, I'm NOT! LOL I would like to modify my bucket list! The next time I go on a road trip I would like to go slower and enjoy some of the states as I drive through. I did have a chance to stop and shop alittle in each state (you know me a post card!). The interesting thing about the whole trip was I had a layover in Philidelpia. I'm excited to go back there and visit different places. I did meet a nice man that made the flight with turbulence from Hell a littel better. Mr. Gill! It was my pleasure co-politing the plane with you! LOL

This trip was remarkable because I had the opportunity to hang out with my Mom, Dad and sisters. I Love them! Family!!!

I can't wait to skate and scrap and everything this weekend!!! YAY!!!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It is just amazing to wake up in the morning in Worship mode!!! I LOVE IT!!!! It's like your heart is singing straight to Jesus!!!! Your mood is Sunny and Happy!!! Nothing can touch your day!!! Here are the songs that were in my Heart!!! Enjoy!

Just want to Praise you!!!! Maurette Brown Clark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sizxR098JRQ

Everlasting God!!! Fellowship Worship Church 2450 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyMl1zCbprc

Have a Wonderful Day!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Let's Hear it for Roller Skating!!!

My February has started off with a BANG!!! I'm telling you. It's been wonderful. I've found my new work out activity! I started skating on Sunday (Feb. 6, 2011) Night (Super Bowl Sunday). I'm telling you it HURTED (is that a word?)!!!! OMG! But, it was so much fun! First, my mind wanted to tell my body I can do everything I could do when I was a teen!!! When I got out there to roll around "MY BODY" told me that I couldn't do anything my mind was telling me to do and if I kept it up I was going to hit the ground. The Greatest thing that I've walked away knowing is... first with God all things are possible and Determination will take you further than your mind is welling to go. I'm so excited that when I felt a little burn and a little ache... I didn't give up. I took some Aleve and kept skating forward. The energy was GREAT! I felt so good for days later. I've craved the rink!

To Be Continued!!!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My Mom's Day!

Today is January Fifth!

My Mom is so special... I love her so much. I couldn't have asked for a better Mother. I wish I could hang out with her for the birthday. She understands but, sooner than later I expect to spend some special time with her.

Since I'm blogging... I guess I can say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! This is year 2011. Can you believe it... where did 2010 go? I must say it was one of the best years I've had in a long time. At the beginning...

January was a blur... I had a new job and had to wake up very early in the morning. Oh wait... on the first day of the new year I sang with our Choir ( Burning Bush Internation Ministries) at a Very Blessed Wedding.

Fabuary was equally a blur... I had to reorganize myself.

March was very nice I got my apartment and enjoyed sometime to myself.

April was practice practice practice... we (the choir) sang and had awesome practices!!!

May was AWESOME I had the pleasure to spend with my Scrapping Sisters. I Love them so much and the time with them is so Priceless.

June was interesting because, I began dreaming about going to different cities in Michigan to explore! At the end of June... I headed to St. Simons Island to be in my friends wedding... It was very nice to be there because I got to see my mom, sister and other friends... It was so Good!!! I Love Love Love them! On my drive home... I stopped to see Ta-Nisha it was Great!!! I enjoy visiting Ta-Nisha it's so peaceful... you know...Like a hope away from home.

July was Great... I went to Port Huron to the Mackinaw Boat Race. It was awesome the sun was shining the parks were packed and the water was BLUE!!! yes Blue... I enjoyed every moment. Later that month I went to Chicago hung out at the Navy Pier and CHA Craft Show. Man, that weekend was perfect!

August was my Birthday month... I had an AWESOME time with my Scrapping Sistahs in Chicago. I had Brunch with Cara Jean at the Drake. One of my must do's was to see the Buckingham Fountain... It was AWESOME. I Loved it and my pictures are Beautiful! Lastly, I watched a Shakespeare play... The Emporors New Clothes. It was Great. I laughed and applied some of the lessons to my life. It was totally an A+ trip! And how could you go to Chicago and not get/mention Garretts Popcorn!! I love the Chiacago Mix!

September was GREAT!! We trained and trained and practiced and practiced... for Verizon's Wireless, How Sweet the Sound... It was Sat. Sept 24 our song was "Stir Up the Gift". We won that night. God was awesome in that place... The atomoshere was Amazing... the prayers that were prayed lined up perfectly with that night... from Cece Winans comment about us being the 7th group (and it's number meaning of completion) to setting the atmosphere which the choir before us sang Presence of the Lord is here... I'm telling you the move of God was totally there!!! The night was very Awesome! I am totally Humbled.

October allowed me to spend time with my Sistah's Again!!! I Love Love Love Them! I also enjoyed the focus on Women's Health and Breast Cancer awareness. It's totally a must for us to be educated and celebrate ourselves.

November was very busy... we worked and danced and prayed for our trip to Washington DC with Verizon's How Sweet the Sound. In DC there were 14 different choirs (707 people) from all over the US. I had a wonderful time meeting new people and seeing some of the sites of DC... Oh yeah... The Gaylord hotel was AWESOME!!!! What a Beautiful Place!!!

December was interesting... We got a new baby... Alisha had John II. She is the beautiful baby!!! I Love him! I tried to rest... and celebrate Christmas. I did buy a nice new coat. I also attended the Best Watch Night Service I've ever been too EVER... at Burning Bush International Ministries... We had a miracle service... people were Blessed!!! God is so God!!! I must say that I've been to Burning Bush Watch Night Services and I must tell you they get better and better... I totally Love them and would rather be there on NYE any and every year for the rest of my life!!!

Well... That was part of my year... LOL I guess I was long winded but, I'm so Thankful!!! I Love you all!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Wednesday Thoughts

Last night I talked to my friend... I mean my best friend. I've looked for her for many years and she found me on facebook. I couldn't believe it. She FOUND ME!!! I am so excited it's not funny. You know I always thought about finding her but, I never thought about what I would say. The first thing I said to her was... "It's you... You sound the same"! Then I said so from the last night I saw you tell me what you've been up too!!! The craziest thing she said was she moved to Georgia in 1992. I couldn't believe it. I could NOT believe that she moved to the same state I lived in months after me... I moved to Georgia in Dec 1991!!! She said she thought I was in Jekyll Island... I was like I'm sure that was me... We talked with shear awe of how close we were and joy that the long awaited reconnection has finally happened. I'm excited and I can't wait to visit Rome, GA in the near future. I CAN'T wait to see my beautiful friend! She's so Beautiful inside and out... I'm excited!!!! I can't wait to take some pictures with her. It's been 19 years since we've been together, talked or even taken a picture...

I'm going to pray that the Lord bless my friend and keep her safe in His arms!!! God is so wonderful to me. I'm truly Thankful for all of his Blessing, Mercy, Peace and JOY!!! I Love my friend Tammy, her children and I'm excited for what the future has in store for us!!

God Bless!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowy Day!

Snowy day... boy is Gods work so beautiful!

This weekend I stayed home and scrapped... I mean I made so many cards... It was very nice to have pizza for 2 days and lounge... sing songs... watch mime of my favorite songs. I attempted to take pictures of both the cards and snow. It really snowed all day. I did watch this father and son have fun on the snowy hill at my apartment... it was so cute. Another thing that I've never seen before was someone make a snow man... Really he only made half of the snowman... It was neat. I mean you see it on tv but, this little boy made a big ball by himself by rolling it in the snow. It was cool!!

Today Monday (being that I had to edit this post because I sent it initially from my droid), I had to dig my car out of the snow and ice... I don't think getting snow off the car was bad but, the ICE made the whole experience CRAZY!!!! I couldn't see... I had to clear it off the best of my ability to drive to the store to buy some deicer... Oh wait... did I say it took me 5 mins to get my door to open (not the drivers either). My car was frozen. I couldn't believe it. The back window was solid. To make it worst the wind was fierce. I mean FIERCE... or as the Chicagoans would say the "Hawk was coming down". It was crazy. I survived the drive. When I pulled out of the drive way I was not able to stop... my car ice skated!!! I laugh now but, it was far from funny! Very dangerous. I did good driving to work doing no more than 20 mph. Ya'll pray for me. This place could be very dangerous. By the way... it's 14degrees!

The song in my head right now is "Incredible God... Deserves Incredible Praise".

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How Sweet the Sound!!!

Marlon, Me, Tiffany and Darien
Most of us getting ready to go home at the National Airport.

The Gaylord Hotel where Verizon put us up! BEAUTIFUL!!!

As many of you may know I had the pleasure to be with my church Burning Bush International Ministries competition choir. During this time we 90 of us has been stretched, pulled and worked over both mentally and physically. I know that during our ministry we were very focused on the works of the Lord, performing for the Lord and go for the GOAL and not the Gold. This was very experience has drawn all of us closer and also has increased my desires to grow in the Lord MORE!!! You know it's important for us a believer to live a life after Christ. He should always be reflected in our behaviors. I am so Thankful for God's love and direction. Our song was Stir up the Gift - Joe Pace. Our performance was a production... also we were featured in the Washington Post newpaper (picture included) even though we didn't win.

" Although it didn't win, no one outdid Detroit's Burning Bush International Ministries Mass Choir in terms of spectacle with its rendition of Joe Pace's "Stir Up the Gift" that had some of the men wearing "Phantom of the Opera" masks and the women donning fans -- all while incorporating hip-hop and black Greek fraternity step-show dance moves." ~John Murph

I've learned so much about singing since I've been in this choir. One of the most important things is if you take time and apply the lyrics to your life you will not only feel the Joy but you will feel the change!!! Welcome it... Believe me WELCOME IT!!!! Somethings that we said were... Should not be... be afraid... God has not given us the Spirit of Fear but the Lord has given us POWER!!!!! We need to use the tools of Love, Power, Joy, Peace and watch God work a wonderous work in us and for us!!!
Love You!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

How Sweet the Sound Part 1

Some of everybody... ok 1/3

Kim, Susan and Me!

Last night I realized... I learned... I understood. You know God is so wonderful to me. He's the only one that can heal, love, save, and that died for me. I love him so much and when his anointing touched me I just weep because of Joy, gladness and pure Love! I am so Thankful.

Our choir is in the HSTS competition and I have been practicing. I am very excited. I love to sing, I love the choir and I'm very excited for our opportunity. Last night it happened. I was in Worship mode while we were doing the sound check. The song was "I Love You Jesus, I worship and adore you... just want to tell you... Lord I love you more than anything..." God let me know that everything that is going on is for my making. I need him. I need him to survive. I need him to make it through to the next level in him. He wants me to Be open and recieve the words that we are singing for his Glory... I need to allow him to make me over and over... Mold me. I need to know that we are ministering and the moves is just half of the ministry!!

Pictures will follow!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well Well Wellllllll... I'm posting again!

Ok... Let me catch up again... June... I don't know what when down in that month. I do know I was on a High from going to the Sistah Retreat in May. I have been scrapping like crazy. Also, I've been hanging with some of the women from SOC site at Archivers. It's been GREAT! I've prepared for my trip down to St. Simons Island for Tamsyns Wedding. It was good to see some (I repeat) some of my friends. I didn't get to see many people at all. I wish I was able to hang out more but, it is what it is. I did get to spend time at my church, get a word that I've needed... from the Man of God's mouth. I Thank God for him and First Lady Nicole. They are Truly Special People. I had a wonderful time with my Mom and Dad Menefee. I Love this with God's Awesome Love. It was so Great spending time with them! I love their house... definately a HOME! My Mom and Sister were doing Great... It was good spending time with them it's been a long time. I am so greatful to have spent more time with my mom than I thought. She's so kind and makes the best pound cakes ever! The Wedding was at Epworth By the Sea (the chapel below is where we were; outside).

Also, in July I had plans to go to Port Huron... Port Huron has Mackinaw Boat Races yearly and I heard this was a nice place to be and see... So I went. It was nice, The boats were Great and when I left the "port" area I saw the AWESOME Blue water! I will be returning on Aug 4th to go on a water cruise for 2 hours and explore the water and the Beautiful bridge. I can't wait. The only thing about going to the port... I didn't get to see the boats sails... I was so sad but, the water brightened up my day. I will be going back. Lastly, Rochelle went to Chicago and brought me some popcorn back! It was sooooooooooo Good!!! I had to take a picture of it and share it with my friends!!! I was too excited about the taste and ate it all so now I'm going to chicago to hang out with some of my sistahs and to get my popcorn fix!!! More pics will be coming soon!!! Heheheheeeee... LOL

Happy Birthday to me... August1! I can't believe the year is almost gone!! Thank god for a Good Year!!! I give him all the Glory, Honor and Praise!!! I'll be back soon... enjoy the pics!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Reading one of my sistah's blogs a came across this nice map. I have covered some of the US but, I have many dreams of visiting each state. I guess I need to outline my Bucket List!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend!!!!

The "INCREDIBLY TALENTED SISTAHs" from Sistah's Retreat #8

Ok... So, I live in Michigan. I'm Loving it. This weekend I had to be in GEORGIA! It was time for my Scrappin' Sistah's Retreat! The drive was good. I did the normal. I sung, talked on the phone, prayed along the way. I then made a pitstop in Flowery Branch, GA to see Arneshia. Shirl caught up with us and Olive Garden was very nice. P.S. I love Arneshia's new scrapbooking room and I'm thankful for the good laughs shared! (Left to Right, Arneshia, Me and Shirl)

Next Stop... THE RETREAT... Ok...I didn't get my Seat nor my BED (I'm not yelling,.... wink wink)... But, I forgave Camille. LOL I had a wonderful time. I Laughed, Scrapped and had Great Fellowship with the most talented, beautiful and intelligent women!!! I love Love LOVE each of them so much! It was fun to form bonds with the new ladies... "The Newbies" were GREAT! They fit right in ... I mean they let me borrow all of their stuff!!! hehehehe... I learned a lot from both of them! they are very good at this craft!
I really missed my Sistah's that could not make it. I just want each of you to know that I Love you all dearly and I can't wait until we can come together again and SCRAP, Laugh and Share! (Left to Right - Camille, Me and the Fabulous Lisa Renee)
Fabulously Lisa Renee... It was her Birthday this weekend. Note: It's amazing to share someone's birthday with them... I wish Lisa Renee Great Blessings and Awesome Joy for this new year!! Love You Lisa Renee! Smooches!!!

I Thank Tena so much for her Love, Encouragement and Thoughtfulness! I LOVE YOU!

I seen my Mom... It was AMAZING seeing her. She looked so good as did my Auntie. I'm so Blessed to have Family! (Left to Right - Mom, Auntie and Me)

I can't wait until Oct.!
Enjoy the Photos! ~I can't believe I didn't take any pictures on the road! LOL

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's me...

It's me I've been away for a long time. But, here is a picture of me when I went to the church Founder's Day Banquet. I had a wonderful time dressing up and looking pretty... I wish you could see my lovely shoes. They were very cute!!!

Over these few months God has been strengthening and grooming me... I love him so much and I am thankful for all the blessings... I can do all things with Christ who strengthen me!!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It is not labor for me to blog. I love it. I enjoy typing, thinking and sharing. Everything now is coming back together and my new routine is being set up... I can't wait to scrap, blog and use the left side of my brain for a chance.

My adventure here in Michigan is going well. I am rebuilding slowy and steadily. I'm excited about the future and all the blessings that are on the way. Time is waiting for no one and I am determined to "Praise the Lord and have a Joyous time in it"!!!!

Hello Everybody!!!! I'm BACK!!!!
Until Later!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I can't Believe...

I can't believe it's been awhile since I've updated my Blog. I love my blog. I hope my Blog still loves me.

Well, everything has been good since I've made my move. I really Love being back. The weather has been very good. I can't complain even though I can muster up alittle small tiny complaint... Today it was COLD! ok... that's enough. LOL

School is going good. I pray that my instructor feels better... She's been out of class and I know that this flu thingy is going around. You know... Ta-nisha's teacher died from complications from H1N1. I do NOT want that for my teacher because she's the greatest!! She has the Heart of Gold and really LOVE her role as an Instructor/Academic Advisor. Dr. Tack... I'm praying for you.

Well, Thanksgiving is coming up. I have plans to go to Mrs. Ross house. I can't wait. Other than that I don't have any plans. God is so Good! I would like to go home and spend time with my mom and dad but, in due season. I have so many things to be Thankful for... I don't know where to begin...

Scrapping... I'm going scrapping at Teefah's this weekend... I'm excited. I haven't been since Holloween... I'm ready!!!

I can't wait for church... I love the WORD!!!! I've been singing in the choir... Do you believe it? Let me see if I can post at least one of the songs... LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GVZeRIaAhI&feature=related

The message in this song is GREAT!!! I love the way he performs this song!!!

Well everyone Be Encouraged and I will do better in my postings!!! Love ya!! Don't forget to love someone back!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday...! It's past for this week but... SUNDAY!

This morning was really nice. I'm Thankful for another day! God is so good to me. It's amazing how when you read the bible and apply it to your life... when you go back and look at the warning and correction that's provided Man, you can't do nothing but, say Thank you Lord!

I missed my Scrappin' Sistah's this weekend. I will be there in May (Lord's will). I can't wait to scrap something... I feel alittle out of tune. I need to do another baby book. Little Calib book will be the next one to complete... without pictures... I would love to have some pics of him but, I haven't seen him. Well, it's a must do!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

To Day is the DAY!!!

Good Morning... I'm excited about to day. I am ready! I have prayed about it and I'm going to the wedding! I am going to come back and complete my paper. I will take pics!!!

It's Been A While

I know it's been a while. I had some changes in life again and only Jesus can help me through this life lesson. I'm so thankful to have him on my side. I am working hard in school and I can't wait until my career take off.

Nothing much is going on... I'm applying for different jobs and higher education careers. I'm faithful! The outcomes are going to be greater than anything I can image.

Ok... Facebook... it's a nice tool. I just reconnected with my God Son's Dad!!! It was a good friend to me! It's amazing that he's married and have a son that looks like him. I'm so excited and the cool thing is him and his family lives less than 4 hours away! I can't wait to see them! WOW God is Good!

Music... OK! I've been listening to this song on my WOW Gospel cd... It's called --- Even Me by Crystal Aikin. It's so beautiful... It's a plead to the Lord saying...

"I don't deserve... the love you shown... the blood you've shed.... covers my wrong... beyond my faults... Oh Lord you see and stead you still use use even me...Oh lord I tried to do my best... although sometimes I do much less. You've called my name and I ran away but, still you call me another day! Yes! even me Lord... Even me!!! Though scared and broken and unworthy... my guilty stains you've wash them clean instead you still used even me. Some times I've fall and make mistakes but brand new mercies you show every day... you are my strength when I get week and out of the darkness you lifted me!!!! Yes even me... even me though scared and broken and unworthy... my guilty stains"

I can't find the link of this song on Youtube but, I can find the other version... But, this is the jam.

I hope the lyrics ministered to you as it did me.

I am going to try and express myself more on here. I have some things to get off my mind.

Thanks for visiting.
God Bless!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Consumed By Michael Jackson!!!!

I am... I am consumed by Michael Jackson. I actually miss him or the thought of him. He was very talented and different. I think some of the most noted artsy people have a bum deal and that Michael is resting Now!!! Rest on, Michael.

Don't stop till you get enough!!!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Today is the Fourth!!!

To be continued... I have some updates on my friends, family and wonderful visits to the Island! I'll be back! Smooches!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

LORDY LORDY LORD HE GONE! What am I gonna do? Michael Jackson DIED!!!
Ok everything is smoothing out. We go to the hotel really late and todays training was good. I need to call Tena. I'm super last minute!! I love you Tena...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This has been an adventure already... I wish I can posted what's going on but I did take a picture.
Ok. Riding down highway 82 heading to Columbus Ga. & needed some KitKat.Left the phone in the car and decided to look for it in a small small city called TY TY
God is So Good To Me!!! Praise Him Now!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Some are fishing and others are flying their kites. Its amazing what an evening at the beach will do! the Joy of the Lord is mine and I'm so Glad and Blessed!
Another Great Night! I'm at the beach sitting very close to the water. The waves are calmin and the people are friendly... Thank God.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Have you ever sat on the beach in the evening just to marvel in the sounds, watch the lighting in the sky and pray? the feeling is indiscrible!
Its so important to live life. Oft times people are placed in your life to plant those seeds that will get your mind wondering. Thank God for the seed planters!
Today was a Great Day! Our Troy students graduated, I met some wonderful people&before the night falls I'm spending some R&R at the beach. The joys of the Lord!

Monday, June 08, 2009

The LAKERS won!!!

Today's question is ... Where is your FAITH right now?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Family Visit!

I had a wonderfully beautiful time with my family when they were here in St. Simons. My little sisters have grown to be so tall. I really love them. My dad was handsome as ever. I'm so Blessed to have 3 great sisters. I pray that God continues to Bless them and that they continue to seek him!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ya'll Don't LAUGH...

Pleased don't laugh at what I'm about to say! But, why tonight I begin printing some photos for the Sistah Retreat and I realized... That my scrapbooking room/office is the same color as the Laker uniform!!!! I am too funny! Look here are some snaps!!! LOL I am too out down. I need to add some purple in the room to make it have both colors but, I'm just amazed at the gold color of my room and how... it's going to look wonderful with my lay out I'm going to do!!!

Let's Go L.A.

The Los Angeles Lakers... Played tonight!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Vitamin D Day!!!

My Big sister showed up to the beach with me today! It was a Great Surprise! I haven't seen her in a few weeks. Yes, I know we live in the same town but, life! That's all I have to say. So, we sat there let the sun soak in and people watched. Everyone was having a good time. Many families. It was very nice to see the little kids play in the water. Very Joyful. I know I got an excellent tan and so did my sister. What a wonderful day and time I had soaking in some of the natural Vitamin D!