Monday, May 17, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend!!!!

The "INCREDIBLY TALENTED SISTAHs" from Sistah's Retreat #8

Ok... So, I live in Michigan. I'm Loving it. This weekend I had to be in GEORGIA! It was time for my Scrappin' Sistah's Retreat! The drive was good. I did the normal. I sung, talked on the phone, prayed along the way. I then made a pitstop in Flowery Branch, GA to see Arneshia. Shirl caught up with us and Olive Garden was very nice. P.S. I love Arneshia's new scrapbooking room and I'm thankful for the good laughs shared! (Left to Right, Arneshia, Me and Shirl)

Next Stop... THE RETREAT... Ok...I didn't get my Seat nor my BED (I'm not yelling,.... wink wink)... But, I forgave Camille. LOL I had a wonderful time. I Laughed, Scrapped and had Great Fellowship with the most talented, beautiful and intelligent women!!! I love Love LOVE each of them so much! It was fun to form bonds with the new ladies... "The Newbies" were GREAT! They fit right in ... I mean they let me borrow all of their stuff!!! hehehehe... I learned a lot from both of them! they are very good at this craft!
I really missed my Sistah's that could not make it. I just want each of you to know that I Love you all dearly and I can't wait until we can come together again and SCRAP, Laugh and Share! (Left to Right - Camille, Me and the Fabulous Lisa Renee)
Fabulously Lisa Renee... It was her Birthday this weekend. Note: It's amazing to share someone's birthday with them... I wish Lisa Renee Great Blessings and Awesome Joy for this new year!! Love You Lisa Renee! Smooches!!!

I Thank Tena so much for her Love, Encouragement and Thoughtfulness! I LOVE YOU!

I seen my Mom... It was AMAZING seeing her. She looked so good as did my Auntie. I'm so Blessed to have Family! (Left to Right - Mom, Auntie and Me)

I can't wait until Oct.!
Enjoy the Photos! ~I can't believe I didn't take any pictures on the road! LOL

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