Friday, September 17, 2010

How Sweet the Sound Part 1

Some of everybody... ok 1/3

Kim, Susan and Me!

Last night I realized... I learned... I understood. You know God is so wonderful to me. He's the only one that can heal, love, save, and that died for me. I love him so much and when his anointing touched me I just weep because of Joy, gladness and pure Love! I am so Thankful.

Our choir is in the HSTS competition and I have been practicing. I am very excited. I love to sing, I love the choir and I'm very excited for our opportunity. Last night it happened. I was in Worship mode while we were doing the sound check. The song was "I Love You Jesus, I worship and adore you... just want to tell you... Lord I love you more than anything..." God let me know that everything that is going on is for my making. I need him. I need him to survive. I need him to make it through to the next level in him. He wants me to Be open and recieve the words that we are singing for his Glory... I need to allow him to make me over and over... Mold me. I need to know that we are ministering and the moves is just half of the ministry!!

Pictures will follow!!!

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