Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowy Day!

Snowy day... boy is Gods work so beautiful!

This weekend I stayed home and scrapped... I mean I made so many cards... It was very nice to have pizza for 2 days and lounge... sing songs... watch mime of my favorite songs. I attempted to take pictures of both the cards and snow. It really snowed all day. I did watch this father and son have fun on the snowy hill at my apartment... it was so cute. Another thing that I've never seen before was someone make a snow man... Really he only made half of the snowman... It was neat. I mean you see it on tv but, this little boy made a big ball by himself by rolling it in the snow. It was cool!!

Today Monday (being that I had to edit this post because I sent it initially from my droid), I had to dig my car out of the snow and ice... I don't think getting snow off the car was bad but, the ICE made the whole experience CRAZY!!!! I couldn't see... I had to clear it off the best of my ability to drive to the store to buy some deicer... Oh wait... did I say it took me 5 mins to get my door to open (not the drivers either). My car was frozen. I couldn't believe it. The back window was solid. To make it worst the wind was fierce. I mean FIERCE... or as the Chicagoans would say the "Hawk was coming down". It was crazy. I survived the drive. When I pulled out of the drive way I was not able to stop... my car ice skated!!! I laugh now but, it was far from funny! Very dangerous. I did good driving to work doing no more than 20 mph. Ya'll pray for me. This place could be very dangerous. By the way... it's 14degrees!

The song in my head right now is "Incredible God... Deserves Incredible Praise".

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