Monday, September 26, 2011

A New Day!!!!

Hey Everybody! I know I am so late in updating... I don't know what's going on with me. I must say that I've had a wonderful year!!! OMG!!! God has been really Good to Me!!!! A few things I've done this year has been Skating... Concerts... Weddings... Retreat... and Some plain fun! Check out the pictures below!

Skating has became my second love... I need to take a few pics to show everyone. LOL I've been to a few parties and have travelled to Ohio. I should have been in Chicago for a party there but, I had a class that I needed to baby sit! LOL Next year for sure! I'm still learning! LOL My friends at the rinks are Awesome! OMG for my birthday in August they pinned money on my shirt and I left the rink with over $70. I really felt Blessed!!!! It was Amazing!!! I purchased a Pandora bead with the money. It has become a token of rememberance. #SoThankful!

Concerts. This year I have been to Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton, Marvin Sapp and Tye Tribbet and last but not least I've been to Toby Mac. Every concert was amazing... Oh yeah I've been to the Detroit Symphony (Can we say Amazing... I Love the Bass). I don't know which concert I Loved the best but, I must say that I Love the Praise and Worship that I've experineced at each concert... My Lord!!!! Anthony Hamilton and Toby Mac... know how to worship!!!!!! My friend Rochelle has been a supper tropper... I have enjoy her company to each of this concerts. Shoot we have also gone to dinner... that's for another post! LOL #JesusFreak!

Weddings. I was a Hostess for Crystal and Kris wedding. Can you say Amazing!!! I Loved the Presence of the Lord and the elegance of the venue. I was an guest at Lisa Renee and Patrick's wedding... Can you so LOVE!!! I just loved the Joy/Glow that both of them had. The Reception was the best I've ever been too. OMG. WE Danced, Laughed and appreciated the Beauty of the venue... Oh and by the way... our SOC look good with Dresses and Heels on!!! I Love them Ladies!!! I had such a wonderful time in Atlanta being with a wonderful group of people! Oh and let's not forget the Wobble!!! I'm telling you the SOC ladies held it down with the Wobble!!! #WobbledHeels!

Retreat... the retreat in May was Wonderful! I Love staying over on Mondays! It's so Great to just hang out and have photo shoots!!! LOL We have a geniune time together... I Love me some Aysha!!!! I'm going to miss her this October!!! Hugs and Tears!!! We had a seek preview of Lisa Renee's apartment (OMG it was a Beautiful Place). I'm excited to see how much fun we have on this upcoming trip. #ScrapChicksRule

This is a new season!!! I am doing some new things for myself to get some different results!!! I'm excited for what is to come!!

Wait Wait... I've done some Swaps this Season. It's been super fun! I've been a little slow but, the inspiration from the swaps have been AWESOME!!! OMG!!! SOC!!!! Ladies and RJ ya'll ROCK! #Swaps"R"us

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