Monday, September 26, 2011

OK... I have more to say!

It's been too long because I have more to say.

I had the pleasure to hook up with my Bestfriend for Los Angeles... Man, we had some wonderful times together. I wish I could see her more now but, the distance killed that!!!! The time we just hung out this summer was well worth it. I Love Her and can't wait to see her again... Tammy my friend!!!!

And, for my birthday I went to a Tea Party!!! It was Wonderful. Lateefah, ShaRon and Michelle joined me and I had a ball!!!! We laughed, ate great food and had a 1 photo shoot! LOL AMAZING!!!! 36 years old! Celebrate every Birthday Any Way You Want!!!! With Wonderful People!!!!

I will be scrapping... I promise!!!! LOL

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