Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So Thankful!!!

You know March came in with a BANG!!!

I have so many Wonderful people in my life but, most importantly, I'm so Grateful for all that Jesus Christ is doing in my life and for me!!! #TotallyHumbled!

First, Teefah and Ken Kenn came and spent a Saturday with me... we laughed, talked and ate Blue Cheese Burger!!! It was Good. I should have had a picture! But, I do have one of them! LOL

Lakers vs Pistons!!! I LOVE the Lakers and I can't believe they lost to the Pistons (YUCK)The game went into overtime, The crowd went wild...the Whole Game was EXCELLENT!!!! One thing that put me in awe was the Laker fans came out in record numbers... Kobe made a shot and the Palace errupted. Rodney Stuckey made a basket and the Palace errupted. At times... I didn't know where I was! "I had a Ball"!

Baltimore, MD Here I COME!!!

Camille, Aysha and the Ladies really know how to welcome a Sista!!! I had a GREAT time! I mean I had a WONDERFUL TIME!!! I can't complain... All, I can do is Smile when I think of these memories! I Love the Weather, Scrappin', Laughter, The Food (OMG) and Mostly the FAMILY!!!! Words can't express how my Heart is so Happy that I went to MD!
We went to see the Monuments. It was Awesome... the day was Beautiful! It was so special to see the Martin Luther King monument. It was solid and strong just like his presence here in this world!! The Vietnam wall was sad because of all the names... WOW!! And Lastly, I was totally touched by the visit to the Pentagon! That place broke me down and humbled my heart. Honestly, I could have been on that plane but, God had other plans for me. Should you ever go to that memorial park please dial the number and listed to the audio. Very Informative!

I Loved My Trip! Thank You Camille (and, Family), Aysha (Steve), Joy, E, Kat and Caryn! You ladies ROCK!!

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